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-Damian Garcia-

"I was introduced to Josefina’s coaching sessions by my former boss over 15 years ago. Being a seasoned businessman now who took the hits of life, and I mean in all aspects of life, not only at work, but family and relationship wise as well. What I can tell about the coaching sessions is that Josefina, due to her experience in different fields can prompt the questions that will trigger your thinking, keep you focused on the target, and motivate you to overcome the challenge you are facing; regardless of the nature of the issue you are struggling with at the moment."


“My time with Josefina was very enlightening, inspirational and liberating.  I was a very lost individual following the loss of my husband, struggling to find my own identity after many years as a caregiver.  Josefina was wonderful in helping me realize that I was a very driven person who had devoted so much to others and needed to focus on myself, helping me to overcome my tremendous loss and realize that I am very capable of moving forward and living a very fulfilling, productive, amazing life.” 

-Laly Bevilacqua-

"I had a great experience with Elevate LLC and I surely recommend it to anyone who need a clever and useful advise to improve his life or relationships."

-Aldo Montefiore-

"Josefina es concreta y directa. Ayuda al cambio personal con convicción y se compromete a fondo con la transformación individual de manera genuina."

-Stacey C.-

"Josefina has a very warm heart and was easy to feel comfortable with. Her passion is to help people begin or continue with their goals and live a life of purpose!" 

-Allysa Tijerina-

"I would highly recommend Elevate LLC. Josefina does a phenomenal job in catering to every element of life. She's extremely knowledgeable and aids in every step of your journey. Driven to help you meet your goal, Josefina is honest and insightful in coaching you. She'll give you the knowledge and tools for what you need to do to obtain those goals. She's amazing!"

-Valeria Marchetti-

"ELEVATE LLC is the push in the right direction you need to get you through the up and downs in your life, the careful advice and manners of their professionals is what sets them apart from the rest. I highly recommend them."

-Verónica Ruiz Cuccioli-

"Josefina Hirsch is a great therapist and counselor with genuine compassion and concern for her patients. She has helped me clarify some pivotal issues within my own life and provided me with numerous strategies to manage and cope with different stressors . I really like talking to her. She's very helpful and caring."

-Pia Schroth-

"Josefina is a phenomenal coach and I can't thank her enough! She has an amazing gift of listening, motivating and then inspiring me to be more for myself and my family. I can honestly say that if you are looking for an exceptional coach Josefina and Elevate LLC is the right choice!"

-Mariana Estrella-

"I had the pleasure of working with Josefina for more than 1/2 year. Previous to finding Josefina, I had interviewed a few therapists in the area to find the right fit for for me. She was it from the first time we spoke on the phone. Her approach was warm, inviting, and always insightful. She gave me new tools and helped me fine tune some I had. Her knowledge of two cultures and their intricacies made our sessions both extremely helpful but also humorous and effortless. I continue to use the skills she helped me with today. I am very grateful for her dedication to her clients and passion to the field and would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward with their lives."

-Mercedes Overcash-

"Overall I'm thrilled with my experience with Elevate and would unreservedly recommend it. I know her to be professional, compassionate, wise, and kind. She has been very helpful to me and I value her counsel greatly."

-Martin Federico-

"After many sessions, I have significantly improved upon my character, work ethic, emotional support, and most of all execute financial decisions. So happy and grateful to have found ELEVATE LLC."

Truly a life changer!!

-Michelle G.C.-

"Los servicios de la Sra. Josefina Hirsch fueron fenomenales. Agradezco a la vida haber cruzado nuestros caminos ya que fue en el momento en que necesitaba a una persona profesional que me ayudara a enfrentar el día a día que estaba pasando para poder crecer como madre, persona, y profesional." 

-Laura Richards Plouffe-

"I have known Josefina Hirsch for many years. She is a very caring and compassionate person who is very dedicated to her practice. Combining her many years of experience with people of all ages and her desire to help her clients makes her a very effective Life Coach. Josefina is professional and has a very strong work ethic. If you are looking for a Life Coach, Josefina would be a great choice."

-Kiran Krishnan-

"Josefina is one of the most insightful, empathetic, inspiring and motivating people I have ever met. She was destined to be a personal coach and will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective ways."

-Alexandra Altuve-

"I highly recommend Josefina Hirsch as your life coach. She has the expertise and knowledge to guide you with tools or coping mechanisms you might need to live a positive and fulfilling life. Not only is she professional but makes you feel very comfortable right from the start!"

-Carolina Gross-

"If you are interested in surpassing personal and/or professional challenges, or feel like you are stuck in life and can’t quite push past it, you need to reach out to Josefina at Elevate LLC! With her unique approach to Life Coaching, Josefina creates an environment that makes you feel at ease when speaking with her, and supported while trying out the tools she teaches you to improve your life. Josefina is very knowledgeable, professional, and above all, dedicated to her clients. I have found my interactions with Josefina to be of great value - I highly recommend Elevate LLC!"

-Marcela Quiroga-

"Profesional, Capacitada, Empatica, Trabajadora incansable. Con recursos y años de experiencia."

-Maria Elizaincin-

"Josefina help me so much when I was dealing with a lot of stuff in my life. 
I loved the way I felt with her. 
I would highly recommend her. She does a fantastic job with people."

-Antonieta L.-

"I have been working with Josefina for a year now and I can truly say that her coaching has made a big difference in my life! I sought her help help regarding an specific matter and I have realized that in order to resolve that particular issue, I had to resolve some others first! She guides you in a way that helps you approach you AHA Moment! She is really professional and I really enjoy our time together! All her approaches and guidance has impacted not only me, but my family as a whole! If you are looking for that extra help, figuring out this wonderful journey that we called live, she is your first step! You won’t regret it!"

-Tracey P.-

"I highly recommend Josefina. Josefina is very perceptive in helping others reach their goals and does so in a compassionate and professional manner. She will listen to your personal needs and wants, and can then help you to move forward in overcoming obstacles. I am very grateful to Josefina in helping me with the various tools and the positive energy I needed to move forward in my life. She has been not only been a great inspiration, but an amazing gift in my life!" 

-Michelle G.-

"From our first meeting, Josefina helped me focus on what I wanted from my life, and she coached me through the steps to achieve those goals. Josefina always listened attentively and with compassion while providing practical advice I could put into action. With her help I was able to strength my relationships and see things from a fresh perspective." 

-LeeAnn Z.-

"Our meetings always felt like time well spent with a good friend, leaving me feeling refreshed, positive, and with purpose. I also appreciated that Josefina was flexible with scheduling by offering both in office and/or virtual (FaceTime) appointments. I would highly recommend Josefina and would turn to her again whenever I need guidance." 

-Alberto D.-

"Very good listener, professional, nice to work with her." 

-Katia K.-

"I reached out to Josefina after an unexpected life changing situation. After seeing a counselor for months, I felt I still needed more help or a big push to get out of the sadness that I was dealing with. Josefina has been amazing to me. She takes notes every session and has great advice, challenges, comments for me. She takes the time to listen and to discuss with me all that is happening in my life. I do like that at every session she remembers what we discussed the session before and follows up with me. I highly recommend Josefina. Thank you for all your help Josefina. Muchas gracias por todo." 

-Jennifer N.-

"I really enjoyed meeting with Josefina, very nice and easy to talk with. I found it very helpful and she was able to make arrangements to meet with me as her office was too far for me to drive to"

-Valeria B.-

"If you are considering making changes in your life, I recommend you contact Josefina. Through her supportive coaching she has guided me on life decisions. She gave me very little direct instructions and instead, a lot of listening and guiding questions. This sort of teach-a-man-to-fish approach demonstrates Josefina’s dedication. By working with her for several months, I made tremendous progress on issues that I had been struggling with on my own for many years. She celebrated my small steps in a positive direction. Her encouragement helped me to keep motivated. I have found that working with a life coach is an investment that pays off in the long term. I feel I have received more than my money's worth in terms of self-empowerment and life satisfaction I now experience. So when you are ready, give Josefina a call!"

-Virginia Q.-

"Gran profesional, apasionada por lo que hace. Comprometida en capacitarse continuamente, independientemente de su basta experiencia y años de trabajo. Con una gran habilidad en la comunicación logra transmitir sus ideas de modo respetuoso y amable. En mi caso personal me ha ayudado mucho a escucharme a mí misma, a tomarme las cosas con calma en momentos difíciles y a salir adelante encontrándole lo positivo a las cosas que nos ocurren!"

-Sally B.-

"Josefina has been one of the most supportive and encouraging life coach I could ever ask for. She made our sessions feel very personal and productive and I always left with a feeling of accomplishment. I highly recommend her to anyone who is just looking for any life advice."

-Tri N.-

"Throughout most of my life I was living day in and day out without much motivation. I was just going through the motions. Studying was a pain and work was just to survive. Things were dreary. After meeting Josefina, I found ways to look at life in more positive ways. Before I saw things as obstacles but now I only think of opportunities. I was able to find a refreshing new way to look at the world. I highly recommend her as a life coach."

-Gabriela G.-

"Nuestra experiencia fue fantástica. Llegamos por mi hijo y nos involucramos todos por el bienestar familiar en medio de una mudanza internacional. Josefina supo contenernos a cada uno en lo que necesitábamos y así transitamos la mudanza mucho mejor."

-Marcus S.-

"Before I met with Josefina, I felt a lot of external and internal pressures from not only my schooling but also my day to day life. After some work and change of attitude I have been able to not only mature but also start taking control of my own life. I highly recommend her services, not only has she helped me become a better person, she has helped guide me in the direction of a more prosperous and manageable future!!"

-Dolores A.-

"I had an excellent experience with Josefina. She helped me a lot to go through a very difficult situation I would definitely recommend her!!!"

-Rich K.-

"Josefina is a miracle worker! She helped me see things in myself that were holding me back and worked with me to overcome many obstacles in front of me! Her caring nature and devotion to her clients was apparent throughout and I welcomed each and every visit we had. Though some of the work was hard, I knew it was leading me to a better place. As a result of  being one of Josefina's client, I am more focused on what I need to do and I am empowered to achieve all the success in life I desire!"

-Joy G.-

“Me contacté con Josefina durante un momento difícil por el que estaba pasando y fue lo mejor que hice, ella me ayudó muchísimo cuando más lo necesitaba.  
Josefina es super profesional y muy dedicada a sus clientes, me sentía muy cómoda hablando con ella y después de cada sesión me quedaba con una sensación reconfortante y positiva.
La super recomiendo y sin duda volvería a contactarme con ella en cualquier momento que lo necesite.”

-Belitza C.-

"Josefina is a great Life Coach, and as an immigrant, I deeply appreciate that she had helped me develop skills to effectively navigate the American system. Thank you!"

-Olivia G.-

"Josefina was wonderful! She is a great listener. I highly recommend her."

-Jovanni R.-

"For the longest time I have felt astray from what I have meant to do. I have had an idea of what I’ve wanted to do but had no guidance or direction. Until I found Josefina!. We quickly connected and she understood my conundrum. We sat down and drew out plan for my goals and aspirations, and more importantly my future. Thanks to her, my way is now clear and what I want to do with my life is even clearly! Thanks!"

-Pia D. S.-

"I had a great experience with Josefina Hirsch and Elevate. She is a wonderful Life Coach and human being! Josefina guided me while I was going through a lot of things in my life … I feel grateful to have her as my Life Coach! P.S."

-Aldo M.-

"Josefina’s deep knowledge and nice empathy has been so important to help me make it through difficult times. Highly respectable professional!"

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